Is there A Golden Change In The Air ?

This Friday 21st December marks the winter solstice for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the shortest day, after which we can anticipate the days beginning to lighten towards the coming springtime with all of the bright fresh and lively colours emerging to lift our spirits.

This year however, the date is more significant than usual. 21/12/2012. The calendar of the ancient Mayan culture comes to an end. Egyptians and other indiginous cutures have the same beliefs.

Many people are expecting this to be a time of spiritual and celestial upheaval and realignment, as one era closes and another begins. This date also corresponds with the astrological era of Pisces coming to a close, and the new era of Aquarius dawning…This aligns neatly with the Mayan calendar, because whilst popularly interpreted as predicting ‘the end of the world’, what is truly pointed it at is the end of a cycle… the Mayan calendar is a wheel, and what goes around comes around again, approximately every 26,000 yrs.

A Golden Age Dawns

A Golden Age Dawns

It makes sense in terms of the unsettled nature of the world now to anticipate and embrace change, and a desire to break free from the past and create a new future for 2013. Spiritually this could be an era of synthesis, combining the intellectual and scientific traits of the air sign Aquarius with the perceptions and intuitions of the ruling planet Uranus. A Golden Age, bringing new consciousness to the world and heightening creativity, co-operation and consensus.

In a world ravaged by natural disasters, economic decline, and horrific acts of brutality, the change in the air can only be for the better.

Gold is of course the colour of the sun, from which all abundance comes, the original source of the energy and life force for everything. Naturally it also signifies wealth, as the original pure element of commerce and transaction across many cultures throughout history (and interesting that at this point of time the actual market cost of gold is once again at a record high).

Gold is pure, it is solid and dependable.It gives an up-lifting feeling. It adds richness and warmth, associated with the highest levels of everything, from commercial value to the athlete competing in sports for the gold medal. It is a dramatic and passionate colour, enhancing other rich shades around it, and often traditionally associated with royalty and leadership. It must also be remembered that gold can be associated with corruption, avarice, and greed… powerful things need careful handling, and an age of golden enlightenment to manage our natural wealth and abundance with wisdom, compassion and generosity.

It’s easy to think of gold as a single colour, but remember that as well as traditional yellow gold there are redder shades, as well as a white gold that is almost platinum in appearance. There is no skin-tone that cannot wear a shade of gold successfully. Just think traditional yellow gold is better with warm skin tones, pink golds and lighter tints of gold are more flattering if your skintone is cool.

So as we enter the dawn of this new age, we wish you golden light and a new sense of harmony, peace and creativity. We look forward to sharing more rainbows and colourful joy with you in 2013, and whatever and however you are celebrating these significant calendar events,let us all do so with brightness and love.

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