Breaside School Enjoy the Rainbow Song

The Rainbow Song is not only enjoyed by children who respond to the engaging and fun words and melody, teachers love it too. Why? Firstly, it teaches the colours of the rainbow in the right order, which is part of the Science national curriculum. I remember when we had to learn ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’, a song with a strong tune and easy rhymes is so much easier and a more natural way to learn. However as well as this, the Rainbow Song is welcomed by educators because it also teaches lots of Citizenship themes too… celebration of diversity, harmony and unity.


Harvest Festival is the perfect time to celebrate these concepts, rich with the colours and bounty of the autumn, and a traditional time for schoolchildren to remember their wider community, and help those less fortunate than themselves with gifts of food and provisions.

We were privileged to attend the special Harvest Assembly at Braeside School in Kent, where the Reception class had been rehearsing a special performance of the Rainbow Song for the rest of the school. All the children enjoyed singing along, getting involved in the music and the sharing of natures bounty and the joy of song in front of an audience… and if they were all learning useful facts and values along side then it happened naturally and happily,without getting in the way of the fun and laughter. The best possible kind of learning experience!

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