CHILDS PLAY – a great way to discover your best colours.

Our skin tone, eye and hair colour each have their own under- tones which make up our personal colouring.

Whatever your age, there are various palettes of colour to help everyone feel their best and suit their colouring.

Children love anything to do with colour. So whether you’re a parent/grand-parent or guardian, why not delight the child in your life and play a colour test game with them.

This game is great for forming a bond with a child & encouraging self-esteem.

Here’s what to do.

1) Wear something plain, maybe a white t shirt, so as not to get distracted by too much colour.

2) Gather a variety of colourful items together from around the house like clothing, scarves, pillow cases, towels, material or anything colourful that isn’t too big. Include different shades of the same colour e.g. orange red & raspberry red.

3) Have a mirror to see the effects of different colours. A magnifying glass if you want to see the patterns & subtle colours in the iris. A table close to hand.

You are going to compare the effects of different colours on your own colouring & the child’s. Some good comparisons are pink/orange, blue/brown, white/cream. Also try to compare different greens & reds, pastel colours, earthy colours & clear strong colours.

It is better to do the colour test in natural daylight. Near to a window if possible is best.

Now you are ready to begin. This is going to be fun!

Place a coloured item under the chin & across the chest.

Look in the mirror & ask these questions.

1) Do I look healthier in this colour?

2) Does the colour light up my face?

3) Do I feel good in this colour?

If the answer was yes, put the item on your “best colours” pile. If it was no, put it on the other pile.

Go through all of the colours until you finish with two piles. Remember that you might like a colour but it doesn’t always mean it will suit you & vice versa.

Now look at the colours you have in your “best colours” pile. These colours should now represent a colour palette most suited to harmonise perfectly & naturally with your own/child’s colouring.

The good news is you’ll already own a good percentage of clothes in your right colours and it’s the colours close up to your face that really count. This fun colour test will likely save you time & money for years to come. Lots of lovely complements too !!

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