Fifty Shades of Love?

A certain colour has had a lot of popular airtime recently, even if the colour mentioned isn’t technically one at all, and in the book it’s simply play on words involving a name.

Grey comes in many shades, any paint…


Dreaming about a new Rainbow Song for children

I love hearing my twin granddaughters singing, and they know all about my love for colour – so of course they were proud to sing for me the new song they had learned at school. The Arthur Hamilton song ‘I…


All the Colours of the Rainbow

How many colours are there in a rainbow? Whatever the old children’s rhyme says about purple and pink, the colours usually regarded as visible in a prism, when white light is split into it’s component parts are Red, Orange, Yellow…


Childrens Rainbow Poem

When the sun is shining brightly,

And there are raindrops in the air,

Look carefully up into the sky,

You might see a rainbow there.

If you clearly see one,

It’s a gift from heaven above,

Carried by the light


Seeing Red

The whole area connecting colours with mood and behaviour can be difficult to measure effectively scientifically. Certainly the kind of quantative outputs that scientists like – measurable, repeatable effects – can be frustratingly thin on the ground… so many of…


I see my beautiful daughter, she wants to paint it black…


Why do so many teenagers, girls in particular, feel the need to pass through a phase of wearing and surrounding themselves in energy-sucking black?

True black is not a colour, it is in fact the absence of colour. As adolescence…


CHILDS PLAY – a great way to discover your best colours.

Our skin tone, eye and hair colour each have their own under- tones which make up our personal colouring.

Whatever your age, there are various palettes of colour to help everyone feel their best and suit their colouring.

Children love…


Like Mum ? Like Dad ? Twins colouring ?

When I saw my beautiful twin grand-daughters the day they were born, it was clear they didn’t share the same colouring.

The hospital staff had put a pink hat on one twin and a peach hat on the other twin.”Nothing…