Time For Summer Pastels ?

We are already officially in the middle of summer.The 21st of June had the longest day light hours for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Although sunshine this summer is not quite as evident as we’re used to, there’s nothing stopping us from feeling more summery by wearing nature’s beautiful pastel colours.

In some calendars the solstice (21st June) is regarded as the start of summer so let’s get…..

                                                                     In The Mood For Summer

In the mood for icecream colours!

Ice cream colours

In the soft blue sky are the sun’s rays,

Summer fun and happy days,

Pastel kites gently floating by,

Strawberry and vanilla ice-cream,

My oh my.

Pastels are tints, made when white is added to a colour, creating a softer version, a lighter more gentle vibration.

Pastel colours are calmer, more soothing and much more suited to babies and younger children than strong clear colours, although this fact has been totally discarded by clothing manufacturers in recent years.  Whilst babies can see and distinguish brightly contrasting shades more easily, they can overstimulate… pastels are gentle on the eye and on the emotions, not just for the little ones but for all ages.

Just like true colours have an underlying cool or warm tone which can complement or distract from a child’s colouring, the same also applies to pastels.

For children with cool colouring the best options are – soft white, sky blue, baby pink, soft lemon yellow, mint green, lavender.  You can also look for pastels with pearlescent or silvery tones which are very flattering, making them look healthy by reflecting the natural cool undertones of their skin, hair and eyes.

For children with warmer colouring good options are -  aqua blue, mango, peaches and cream, light gold, pale yellow-green, soft warm violet.  Diluting a colour with white to create a pastel shade has a tendency to shift it towards cooler tones, so to avoid a child with warm colouring looking pale and washed out remember to try to keep the undertones warm to reflect their golden glow  i.e peach rather than pink, aqua blue is better than pastel blue and pastel gold is warmer than pale yellow .

Warm colouring

Warm colouring

Children are naturally drawn to pastel shades, particularly younger ones. Natural fabrics are kind and soft against young skins, they’re also breathable and allow the therapeutic power of colour to pass through more easily.

Pink- The motherly loving vibration -It will help comfort and re-assure.  Pink is connected with health, the underlying tone of  healthy skin whether warm or cool.

Peach- The soft version of orange – helps children with learning disabilities, encourages creativity and sense of fun.

Cool colouring

Cool colouring

Lemon yellow- helps to develop intelligence. Sharp lemon can be cool and acidic, sharpening the mind and the palette… but orangey sunset shades are warm and soothing.

The soft blues encourage help with speech, and because they are communicative and forthcoming they blend beautifully with many other colours.

Lavender – A soothing and protecting colour-can make a child feel safe. Tints of violet are mystical and magical and look fantastic with all of the other sweet pea pastels.

Warm colouring

Warm colouring

Pastel green- Great for helping to calm and balance a child, especially in times of aggressive outbursts.  Greens can be warm or cool, depending on whether they tend toward the yellower or bluer end of the spectrum.

I hope you enjoy the kaleidoscope of pastels this summer, they will reflect the sun’s heat and keep you and the little ones cool through the warmer days too.

Happy summertime !

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