A Festival Of Colours. Happy Holi ! 

Spring has most definitely sprung !

It’s lovely to witness the little ones venturing outside into the sunshine without their winter woolies, the emerging of a kaleidoscope of fresh colours across the landscape and have you heard the dawn chorus recently? all signs marking the seasonal change.

With the passing of the March equinox on the 20th March, the mid-way point where the daylight hours are increasing, there were many a spring celebration taking place. This particular one recently though caught my eye…

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Orange Oranges 

After visiting an organic market, inland from Denia on the Costa Blanca in Spain, I knew the sight of these beautiful, locally grown orange oranges was my inspiration for my blog .Yes it’s that time of year already when we see the most cultivated fruit in the world in abundance and I can’t think of a more refreshing colour to have in our awareness as we enter into the second month of 2014.

 * It is the only colour in the rainbow named after the fruit.

* A fun colour-it says “don’t worry be happy”

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Halloween and colours 

” Boo “ !!

Tonight’s not all about black, signifying death, orange carved pumpkins, to ward of unwanted spirits and purple‘s aid in magic spells.

Halloween itself does have some very dark connotations, that said, not many folks want to miss out on a party.

This is also the time of year however, to celebrate and appreciate the last of the summer harvest.  A true  celebration of colour with all  the glorious colours of our fruit and vegetables which we so often take for granted.

N.B. It might not be a great…

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Time For Summer Pastels ? 

We are already officially in the middle of summer.The 21st of June had the longest day light hours for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Although sunshine this summer is not quite as evident as we’re used to, there’s nothing stopping us from feeling more summery by wearing nature’s beautiful pastel colours.

In some calendars the solstice (21st June) is regarded as the start of summer so let’s get…..

                                                                     In The Mood For Summer


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Can you guess that’s why they call it the blues? 

I don’t usually have difficulty writing about colour and I have to admit I’m finding it hard to get going on the subject of blue. I can only surmise it’s just far too relaxing and it’s making me feel dreamy just thinking about it.

Blue’s vibration has many benefits.

* To cool and calm which is useful for children with behavioural challenges.

* For use with fevers as blue can even bring temperatures down. What a relief.

* It helps to combat fear and will aid a child to speak out and express inner feelings.

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Why Does Pink Stink? 

As March is women’s history month, this seems an appropriate time to have a look at the gender implications of colour.

“Blue for a boy, pink for a girl”

Curiously, it’s actually a relatively recent phenomenon. Baby books, new baby announcements and cards, gift lists and newspaper articles from the early 1900s indicate that baby-pink was just as likely to be associated with boy babies as with girl babies. It wasn’t really till post-war marketing that pink and blue took their separate gender directions.

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Green Shoots of Springtime 

Nature has more shades of green than we can envisage

We mark the end of winter and herald the coming of spring, as the land around us starts at last to turn green again.

Green is the colour of nature, the colour of plants… plants are green because of the chlorophyll in their cells which converts the sun’s golden energy into the transformative power of growth and change, inside each seed and indeed every cell a miracle is taking place thanks to this clever molecule. The green chlorophyll rich foods improve…

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What colours will you be wearing this year ?

Put the flags out ! All the colours in the rainbow are in. This is wonderful news, to help lift the world out of the doom and gloom of recessionary neutrals. The catwalks have been ablaze with a riot of colour for this coming season, so which is your favourite – or are you going to wear them all together?


Poppy red is predicted to be the colour of the year according to Pantone LLC the global authority on colour for 50 years. Depending on your skin tone…

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Is there A Golden Change In The Air ? 

This Friday 21st December marks the winter solstice for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the shortest day, after which we can anticipate the days beginning to lighten towards the coming springtime with all of the bright fresh and lively colours emerging to lift our spirits.

This year however, the date is more significant than usual. 21/12/2012. The calendar of the ancient Mayan culture comes to an end. Egyptians and other indiginous cutures have the same beliefs.

Many people are expecting this to be…

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In The Pink With Chocolate-coloured Comfort, on a Cold Winter’s Day 

Whilst there are very few colours that can’t be worn in some variant by every skin tone, the brown we refer to as chocolate has generally warm values. Don’t you find that just saying the word makes you feel very slightly warmer inside? Mmmm, chocolate! See..? Cooler skintones can wear pinker, chalkier shades of brown however, and just like the perfect selection box, there really is a colour to suit everyone.

Cocoa pods on the tree. Look at all the different shades here!

Of course chocolate itself can…

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