The Colour Share Game

Believe it or not we experience colour through sound, touch, smell and even taste – not just sight ! We can enhance these senses just as someone who is born blind may have a heightened sense of hearing or touch.

In this game, you’re going to share your related thoughts and emotions about colour by using your different senses.
Here are a few examples of how you can connect a sense with a colour. However, the possibilities are endless.

1 Sight:
The easiest and most used. Simply picture anything in the chosen colour. Yellow could be the sunshine on a summer’s day, an egg yolk or a duckling.

2 Hearing:
The world is full of sounds. Blue can conjure up thoughts of waves crashing in the sea. The sound of the wind whistling through the trees can connect you to the colour of the leaves. A chick chirping may trigger yellow, an image of orange juice may appear in your mind when you hear liquid being poured.
3 Touch:
The skin is the body’s largest sensory organ. It is through the nerves on the skin that we get the feeling of touch. Describe the feeling you get from a colour. For example, you might say ”violet feels soft and comforting, like my slippers” or “red feels cold and smooth like a tomato”. You can use words like cold, soft, wet, slippery, bumpy, sticky etc.

4 Smell:
A smell often triggers memories, thoughts and feelings. It can also warn us if something is burning or if food smells bad. Green might remind you of the fresh scent of freshly-mown grass. Think of smells you can associate with colours.

5 Taste:
Taste is linked to smell. Words you might use to describe the sense of taste could be sweet, sour, bitter or salty. For example, the colour indigo might make you think of blackcurrant juice, so you may call indigo a sweet colour (or disgusting if you don’t like blackcurrant juice !)

6 Intuition:
Often described as the sixth sense, intuition is a feeling, knowing or gut reaction. Sensing danger is a very common example and is often associated with red. Blue might make you feel very calm and secure without you really knowing why.

When playing the game, any reactions you have to colours are all great.
We’re all different and colours have various meanings to all of us.

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